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We are proud to present our clients with the highest level of video production and post production services. We have some of the most talented film makers and artists in the entire country and we bring all of our strengths together to give your projects life. There are so many untold stories in this world and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity and platform to be able to share those stories. Stories have always existed – to entertain, teach, pass on wisdom, record history, represent beliefs, explore new ideas, share experiences, build community, and express creativity.

While listening or viewing a story there is less need to comment, respond or engage; we are allowed simply to listen. As a result we often let our  defences down, become less critical and more open. Similarly, many traditional storytellers see their audiences melt into a slightly dreamy state as they enter the world of imagination and surrender to the world of the story journey. This effect is mirrored in our brain chemistry, which produces a predominance of alpha waves, associated with daydreaming and release from stress.

We believe that the most powerful tool to share stories is through video and we continue to use the tools that we have to make that happen.

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Dunnrite Productions is based in Las Vegas which is the entertainment capitol of the entire world. With that comes with a lot of production needs and we are right there to fill those needs. A lot of our time is focused on the strip doing promotion and advertising.
One of Las Vegas’ biggest part of it’s economy are conventions. We have been covering conventions for the last few years and proven how valuable it is to have a production team on site to capture the event. We do all the event coverage along with informal and formal interviews and testimonials.
The fun side of getting to do video production is doing passion projects. We love to capture stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We shoot short films and documentaries for other clients and on our own.
We have such a wide variety of services that we provide from Bio Video’s, Mission Statements, Documentaries, Music Video’s, Wedding Videos, Event Coverage, Films, etc. We have an open mind and try to say yes to any project!

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Dunnrite Productions has a team of some of the most talented people in the industry and will bring some of the best minds together to deliver you a quality product. We have access to all different kinds of equipment and can achieve any kind of look or quality based on your budget.

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All pricing is based of a project to project basis so the best way to get an estimate is to send us an email or give us a call to talk about your project.

For all quotes and estimates contact:

Bradley Dunn


Email: dunnrite_productions@yahoo.c

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Advertising 30%
Event Coverage 20%
Online Marketing 30%
Music Video's 5%
Documentary 15%

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